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The Colonel

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Hometown: Johannesburg, South Africa
Wt.: 255 Lbs.
Titles held: IWF World Tag Team Championship (4); three w/ Golden King; currently holds the tag title with Avalanche Tyler
Notable Feud(s): R. Bruce Tharpe & The Golden King

He was arguably part of one of the best tag teams of all-time when he and the Golden King were tag teaming as a cohesive unit.  Next to the Phantom Lords, the team of the Golden King and The Colonel are the best tag team ever to grace the IWF ring.  But with the highest of highs comes the lowest of lows.


The Colonel slowly but surely started to drift away from the tag team as the imminent breakup between the two men, who were seemingly like blood brothers, started in October of 2003.  In a tag team match pitting R. Bruce Tharpe with Psycho Simpson and Dusty Wolfe tagging with The Colonel, Tharpe was allegedly hurt by none other than The Colonel himself, who would later admit he intentionally tried to hurt Tharpe.  And thus the feud between Tharpe and Colonel began to prosper.  The Colonel was now intent on hurting R. Bruce Tharpe in any way, shape or form he could think of.  The climax of the feud took place when Colonel deliberately broke the right arm of R. Bruce Tharpe during a live interview. 


The Colonel, after on several occasions failing to regain the tag team glory that Golden King and he had in the past, finally turned his back on his long time tag team partner and friend on July 15th, 2004 in a 6 man tag team match, blaming Golden King for their demise and how his supposed selfishness made the team disintegrate.  The Colonel then decided to side with the likes of Jacob Ladder, Frankie Pain and Scrappy McGowan.  The Colonel is now not only hell bent to ruin the career of the Golden King but also that of R. Bruce Tharpe himself and we all know he will stop at nothing to do so.    

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