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Frenchy Bernard

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One of the best IWF referees



Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Years as a ref: 3+

Frenchy Bernard recently celebrated two milestones.  His recently celebrated his third year as a pro wrestling referee and celebrated his first year in the International Wrestling Federation.


We scaled the globe far and wide to find a replacement for Scrappy McGowan after Scrappy’s scuffle with IWF authority and most notably IWF Lead Official Skippy Jackson.  The IWF Board of Directors has been pleased with Bernard’s work in the ring, calling matches down the middle.  


Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Bernard has not only have had to adapt to the diverse wrestling styles that the IWF incorporates but also to the climate that the RGV has…HOT, HOT, HOT!  But if his adaptation in the IWF ring is any indication of what will happen outside of it, then Bernard will find no trouble at all. 

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