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IWF Slamboree History

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IWF Slamboree 2003

TV Taping Results

Tuesday June 3, 2003

IWF Arena-Brownsville, TX.


Phantom Lord Spiro def. Golden King after Spiro pinned Golden King


Mad Dog Johnson def. Renegade by DQ after Renegade’s tag team partner Johnny Rage interfered in the match and the Phantom Lords made the save.


IWF World Heavyweight Title Match

“Exciting” Eddie Perez def. “Playboy” Dusty Wolfe by DQ after Perez’s arch rival Showtime Summers showed up to ringside to distract Perez as Dusty pulled off the 1-2-3, retaining the IWF World title.


Showtime Summers def. Phantom Lord Slayer after Showtime uses two rolls of dimes to hit Slayer and knock him out, thus getting the 1-2-3.


Russian Chain Match

Showtime Summers def. “Exciting” Eddie Perez w/ Candy Cane after what seemed to be Eddie’s valet, Candy Cane, turned her back on Eddie and aligning herself with Showtime, after she slipped Showtime with the rolls of dimes.


IWF World Tag Team Title Match

Hardcore Rules-No DQ

Phantom Lords def. Ragin’ Renegades to regain the IWF World Tag Titles after Slayer pinned Johnny Rage


IWF World Heavyweight Title Match

Dusty Wolfe and Mad Dog Johnson battle to no contest after Showtime and Eddie Perez interfere, which makes IWF promoter R. Bruce Tharpe to sort out the mess in the ring. He declares Wolfe and Mad Dog to have a rematch next month, in a dog collar match

IWF Slamboree 2004 TV Taping Results

International Convention Center

Brownsville, Texas

Thursday, June 17, 2004


IWF World Heavyweight Championship

Phantom Lord Spiro def. Jacob Ladder by DQ


Halcon de Oro and Avalanche Tyler wrestled in a no-contest


Referee V. Referee match

Skippy Jackson def. Scrappy McGowan in a 2 out of 3 falls match


Chamaco Becerra & Kaoma Jr. def. Cougar Boy & Zar Rojo Jr.


Dante Tamez def. The Colonel w/ Scrappy McGowan


IWF World Tag Team Championship

The Golden King & The Colonel def. R. Bruce Tharpe & Avalanche Tyler to retain the belts


Match One of the best of Three series

“2004 IWF Rookie of the Year” Dante Tamez def. Gravestone



IWF Slamboree 2005

TV Taping Results

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sholem Hall-Brownsville, Texas


Golden King def. Saeta


Dante & Gravestone: The Order of the Dragon def. Atomico & Master Crazy


Chavo Guerrero def. Frank Pain


Dr. Zodiac def. Atomico


Count Valik def. Chamaco Becerra


IWF World Tag Team Championships

Dante & Gravestone: The Order of the Dragon def. Frank Pain & Gravedigger


Count Valik & Golden King went to a no contest


IWF World Heavyweight Championship

Avalanche Tyler def. Chavo Guerrero to become the NEW IWF World Heavyweight Champion for the 2nd time