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The Order of the Dragon

Hometown: Edinburg, Texas
Wt.: 219 Lbs.
Notable feud: Gravestone
Titles won: 2004 IWF Rookie of the Year; current IWF Tag Team Champion w/ Gravestone as The Order of the Dragon

The cousin of former IWF superstar and tag team champion “Exciting” Eddie Perez, Tamez immediately had pressure on him to succeed in the IWF and to say that Dante has excelled and blossomed and met expectations is an understatement.


Not only is he a fan favorite of the IWF but is probably the most sought after superstar in the female demographic.  He was also voted “IWF Rookie of the Year” in 2004 and is currently in one of the hottest feuds in IWF history with Gravestone. 


Dante has been a staple in the IWF rookie ranks as well as match of the year ranks with his ladder match against his arch nemesis Gravestone.  Now Dante has set goals and one of them is to win a major IWF title in the near future, whether it been the tag team straps or the prestigious IWF World Title.


He was able to do that at IWF Luck of the Draw when he and former rival now tag team partner Gravestone won the tag titles from Tyler and Colonel.

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