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Hometown: Manchuria, China
Wt.: 232 Lbs.
Notable feuds: Dante
Title(s) won: IWF Tag Team Champion w/ Dante as The Order of the Dragon

Learning the ancient art of the mysterious mist, Gravestone comes to the International Wrestling Federation directly from a life-altering exposition to the country of China.  Gravestone debuted in the IWF in November of 2003 in a tag team match involving fellow rookie and new comer Dante Tamez and thus the feud between the two prodigies began. 


It wasn’t until May of 2004 when the IWF fans voted Dante Tamez for IWF Rookie of Year, slightly beating Gravestone for the award, that this feud really began.  Gravestone began to feel that he had something to prove to the International Wrestling Federation fans and Board of Directors, even t\if that meant he would take it into his own consideration. 


In match with Dante Tamez, Gravestone had some extra help with him; and that help came in the form of a 10 foot steel ladder.  The match was not sanctioned to be a ladder match, just a one on one affair but Gravestone being the mysterious one that he is took matters into his own hands.  The feud culminated, but did not end, at the August IWF event in the first ever ladder match in IWF and Texas wrestling history.  In what was certainly a match of the year candidate in anyone’s book, Gravestone came out victorious in that historic match, thus proving to himself that maybe, just maybe, the fans were wrong in the voting, at least in his eyes.    

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