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Skippy Jackson

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Hometown: McAllen, Texas
Wt.: 170 Lbs.
Notable feud: Scrappy McGowan
Has referreed many a championship match and the first EVER ladder match in the state of Texas.

It took Skippy Jackson a little over a year to become the lead IWF Official but by golly he did it and did it in such a respectable manner that it was only a matter of time that he’d become the lead man in the black and white stripes regardless.  Skippy has officiated many an IWF match, from world title bouts to tag team title bouts and everything in between, including the first EVER ladder match in IWF history. 


Indeed the resume that Skippy Jackson has as an official in the IWF is illustrious and great but none of that mattered when his own official and colleague Scrappy McGowan turned his back on him and wanted to settle his jealousy in the ring.  Skippy Jackson has to focus on his referee duties but he could not deny the fact that Scrappy McGowan was at his tail, ragging him on to wrestle in the ring. 


Skippy accepted the challenge without hesitation and beat Scrappy in a 2 out of 3 falls match.  The feud was on but both men needed some backup, as Scrappy managerial services were acquired by the powerhouse stable of Ladder, Pain & Colonel (or Scrappy could have paid them to be in their group, we really don’t know) and Skippy went the route of Avalanche Tyler, R. Bruce Tharpe & Dante Tamez.  All eight men have been involved in the war that has been Skippy and Scrappy but when it all comes down to it, it is going to be the two former colleagues who will settle the score.    

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