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Phantom Lord Spiro

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One of only two men in IWF history to hold all title belts



Spiro has accomplished the rare one-two punch of the International Wrestling Federation and that is to be a former IWF World Tag Team Champion (with Slayer) and be a former IWF World Heavyweight Champion.  (The other superstar to accomplish that feat is Avalanche Tyler.)  The Phantom Lords held the IWF World Tag Team titles on three separate occasions.  They are by far the most decorated tag team in IWF history and in Texas professional wrestling for that matter.  A former golden gloves boxer, Phantom Lord Spiro set out to proclaim and obtain new goals and becoming IWF World Heavyweight Champion was goal number 1.  And the International Wrestling Federation Board of Directors gave Spiro that chance.  As a matter of fact, they gave both Phantom Lords (Spiro and Slayer) that opportunity in a #1 Contender’s Match for the IWF Title on October 16th, 2003. 


Although Spiro came out on the losing end of that match, whether you want to call it fate or destiny, Spiro was given the chance to become world champion after Slayer was brutally attacked by an unknown accomplice at the time (which we now know was Jacob Ladder) and thus Spiro defeated then World Champion “Playboy” Dusty Wolfe at a live IWF event to become the new IWF World Heavyweight Champion.  The IWF fateful, however, did not catch word until November 17th, 2003, when Spiro was officially announced as World Champion and had his first title defense. 


Spiro lost the IWF World Title in a Russian Chain Match against Jacob Ladder on July 15th, 2004 but has not been granted an official return match.  Spiro remains very strong in the ranks of the IWF and has also sided with the UK Kid in several tag team matches; certainly a team that is on the IWF tag team title hunt. 

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